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John Brockman Crane

Board Member

John Brockman Crane is a respected educator and cultural thought leader who speaks and teaches on university campuses, on TV and radio, in churches, and at other venues across the country and around the world. He regularly navigates the intersection between timeless truths and cultural trends. Through extensive speaking and writing, John seeks to help people understand our times and know what to do.

In 2009, John founded and is the President of the Board of the Sagamore Leadership Initiative, Inc., a leadership development organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana, whose mission is “to equip next generation leaders to influence our culture for Good.”

John graduated from Taylor University, and he received his M.A. in Communications and Culture from Trinity International University. In 2008, John completed an extensive apologetics training program through the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics, a partnership between RZIM and Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University.

John has served as a pastor, and an adjunct professor at Marian University and Grace College: Indianapolis. He is a founding fellow with the Colson Fellows Program with the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview. Additionally, for seven years he was the Director of the Hoosier Leadership Series, a professional leadership development program whose mission is “educating Indiana leaders on policy and culture.” In 2020, he became one of the founding fellows with the Club for Growth Foundation Fellowship.

In 2016, John was elected to the Indiana Senate, representing District 24. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Senate Education committee, as well as, the Assistant Majority Caucus Chairman. He is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council.

John and his wife, Jean, live outside of Indianapolis, Indiana with their four children and their dog, Cricket.