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Looking Back at 2020: What This Turbulent Year Revealed about Us

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John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Shane Morris

Shane Morris and Maria Baer join John Stonestreet to talk about the year 2020, and the numerous pre-existing conditions exposed by the pandemic and other trials that will remain critically important in 2021.

Societal trust has been eroding for a long time, but this year invaded our closest relationships, like churches and families. We saw just how many politicians and, for that matter Christians, consider church to be “non-essential.” It isn’t. And speaking of the Church, John, Shane, and Maria discuss the factors behind last year’s scandals involving prominent Christian leaders.

And, of course, issues of race and justice, will re-emerge. The question is whether they’ll be hijacked by wokeness, or actually addressed within a framework of human dignity and morality.

As always, they wrap up the episode with their recommendations for the week.


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