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No Higher Law than Abortion?


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

For years California has required private health insurers to cover abortion, even though the mandate violates federal law. Specifically, it violates the Weldon Amendment, which “prohibits a state or local government from receiving any federal funds appropriated by the act if it discriminates against health-care entities that do not assist with abortions.” 

The Obama Administration never enforced the Weldon Amendment but last month, on the same day President Trump addressed the March for Life, the HHS Office of Civil Rights notified California that the state had 30 days to ensure it would comply with the Weldon Amendment.

Given the histrionic reaction of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, don’t expect California to change its mind or its practice, short of a court order.

According to the National Catholic Register, five other states—Maine, Washington, Illinois, New York, Oregon—may also be in violation of the Weldon Amendment.

This is proof that it’s a new day at HHS. Elections, and the worldviews they embody, matter.


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HHS: California’s Mandatory Abortion Coverage Is a Civil-Rights Violation

Mary Rose Short | National Catholic Register | February 5, 2020

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