Not Preaching What They Practice

Many who champion progressive “freedoms” live traditional lives.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Recently in The Atlantic, Brad Wilcox noted that those most likely to condemn the traditional family as outdated and patriarchal are those least likely to take their own advice. As Wilcox put it, Western elites tend to “talk left but walk right.” Though quick to complain about restrictions that marriage brings to sexual freedom, these often highly successful people tend to get married after getting an education and before having kids. In other words, they don’t preach what they practice. 

These elites have the socioeconomic luxury of being able to escape the consequences of their own bad ideas, argued Wilcox. The poor, however, cannot. They instead disproportionately become victims of the bad ideas of those who wish to help them. If the elites really wanted to help, they would encourage those less fortunate to do what they do and not what they say. 


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