Obergefell’s Fallout Continues

Why redefining words on love, marriage, and family has consequences. 


John Stonestreet

Earlier this week, the pro-abortion group NARAL tweeted in tribute of the Supreme Court decision that mandated “same-sex marriage” on all of America: 

“Eight years ago, Obergefell v. Hodges recognized the right to same-sex marriage. But the fight to start or grow our families—however and whenever we want—continues.” 

“Same-sex marriage” was sold with the claim that with birth control and abortion, modern marriage had been divorced from procreation in any meaningful sense. “Love is love,” the line went, though even if morality is left out of the discussion and only male-female relationships produce children. 

So, the word “spouse” was redefined in law. Now, according to NARAL, true equality requires that inherently sterile relationships be able to have children “however and whenever [they] want.” 

Science is busy making it easier to access this want, and if California lawmakers get their way, insurers will have to cover pregnancy treatments for same-sex couples. 

Redefining words has consequences. Redefining “spouse” meant redefining “parent,” and redefining a child as a “right.” 


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