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The NCAA Tournament, Oral Roberts University, and Anti-Christian Bigotry


John Stonestreet

This year’s March Madness Cinderella is Oral Roberts University. They’ve already defeated Ohio State and Florida and are only the second fifteen seed ever to advance to the “Sweet Sixteen.” If you don’t know what any of that means, ORU upset two teams is one of 16 teams left competing for a national championship.

Usually, people love underdogs, but not Hemal Jhaveri, the Race and Inclusion editor at USA Today. ORU is “not the feel good story we need,” she wrote in an op ed this week. With its “discriminatory and hateful” teaching about sex, the school is a “hotbed of institutional transphobia, homophobia with regressive, sexist policies.”

By even including them the NCAA “proves how little they actually care” about inclusion, says the inclusion editor, who wishes to exclude them.

Not only does she misunderstand the word tolerance, she forgets that the same religious faith motivating this university, has motivated everything from disaster relief to running into a Colorado King Soopers that was under fire. Does she want to ban that?

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