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Persecution—and God’s Grace—in China


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

As I mentioned last week, China has used the COVID-19 pandemic as cover to increase their persecution of Christians—banning online worship, imprisoning believers, and desecrating churches.

In fact, according to Pastor Bob Fu of China Aid, right now is the greatest persecution of Christians in China since Mao. He described it on the BreakPoint Podcast.

And he should know. He and his wife escaped China for Hong Kong the day before the Communists took over. Now known as the “pastor of the Chinese Underground railroad,” Pastor Fu and China Aid have been helping Christian leaders escape imprisonment and worse for decades now.

Come to to listen as Pastor Fu describes the situation on the ground in China, as well as the work of God through His church in these dark hours.

Pastor Fu will also be presenting at our “Truth. Love. Together” virtual event next month, along with Os Guinness, Joni Eareckson Tada, Sean McDowell, and more. Register for free at


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