The questions we face in daily life are getting more and more difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to think, or where to look for answers…or whether there’s any good news left. The problems of politics and culture seem simply too big, and the answers we’ve been given simply too small.

But what if the answers were bigger?

Christianity isn’t just a private relationship with God—it’s an explanation of all of reality. God has a vision: the redemption of every square inch of creation, from massive social problems to the thorniest stress points in our own homes.

And far from being too small, you are a part of that plan of redemption.

Every day on the BreakPoint podcast, we help you connect the dots. Join host John Stonestreet for a daily dose of sanity—a fearless exploration of the truth, for a community of listeners who want to be a part of God’s restoration of all things.

If you’re done with just being outraged, and want to be a part of the solution…then welcome to BreakPoint.

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