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The Point: The Colson Fellows Program: Time to Take the Plunge


John Stonestreet

How can you restore the culture around you?

Everyday here on The Point, on BreakPoint and through the BreakPoint podcasts, we provide a Christian worldview on the culture.

And if you’re ready for a deep dive into Christian worldview and cultural renewal, please consider studying with us next year as a Colson Fellow.

Founded by Chuck Colson, the Colson Fellows Program is a nine-month training program in worldview and culture. Through world-class faculty, readings, webinars, and three residencies we equip Christians to confidently approach the culture with biblical clarity.

Every Colson Fellow develops a three-year plan to apply their training wherever God has called them: into state legislatures, board rooms, academia, medical research, church ministry, schools, prisons, reconciliation efforts, the arts—in other words, in every area of life.

If you’re eager to apply Christian truth wherever God has called you, applications are being taken right now for our next class of Colson Fellows. Visit


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