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The Point: Evangelicals and Politics, Colombian Style


John Stonestreet

Viva Morales!

Yes, the forces of secularism want to push Christians out of the public square in this country. At times, it seems as if they might succeed.

But don’t lose hope. If you need encouragement, take a look at a recent interview at with Viviane Morales, an evangelical Christian who just might be the next president of Colombia.

When she started in politics, non-Catholics had no freedom of religion or full rights. Hard work and years of toil changed that. As she told CT, “we evangelical Christians have every right to discuss societal values. The courts have let the [secular] minority impose its will, depriving the majority of its right to decide.”

Yes, public corruption, the economy, the LGBT agenda, all pose major hurdles for her country. But she says, “Latin America has awakened to what political participation means from a faith perspective.”

Let’s pray North America awakens as well.

Come to for a link to this interview.



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