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Last month Joseph Backholm, producer of our “What Would You Say?” video series, went to the Woman’s March in Washington DC with camera in hand, to ask Women’s March marchers a question: “What is a woman?”

These pro-abortion, pro-woman’s rights advocates fumbled for an answer. “A woman is anything that she wants to be defined as,” said one. “That’s a trick question,” said another. Two other women who were selling uterus pins told Joseph that they don’t think having a uterus makes a person a woman!

A week later, Joseph went back to DC for the March for Life, and asked women there the same question. They were clear: Men cannot become women. Women have a woman’s anatomy and chromosomes. They can bring life into the world.

Isn’t it interesting that those who clearly understand when human life begins also clearly understand what a woman is?

Come to to check out my interview with Joseph Backholm on the BreakPoint Podcast. And while you’re there, be sure to watch his video, “What Is a Woman?”


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