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Putting the Children Before Ourselves


John Stonestreet

Every time our society has attempted to redefine marriage, parenting or the family, it’s been with different versions of the same lie: “the kids will be fine.”

But In her new book Them Before Us: Why We Need a Global Children’s Rights Movement, Katy Faust documents that the kids aren’t fine. Every chapter of the sexual revolution, in fact, has elevated adult desires over the welfare of children. As Faust writes, “Our culture and our laws must incentivize and encourage adults to conform their behavior to the needs of their children if we are to have any hope of a healthy and thriving society.”

This book is essential reading for anyone concerned about the various victims of the sexual revolution’s bad ideas.

So get your copy of Them Before Us during the month of March with any gift to the Colson Center. Come to to get your copy of Them Before Us today.


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