Radical Common Sense

In an age of crazy, Christians must defend the obvious


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

Recently, ADF International’s Lois McLatchie Miller tweeted out her “radical takes” for 2023: “1. Biological men shouldn’t compete in women’s sports. 2. Silent prayer is not a crime. 3. Ending the lives of babies in the womb is wrong.”  

She then offered this conclusion: “Radicals of the past got to say things that were groundbreaking. We’re stuck with defending the obvious.” 

She’s right. We ought not underestimate, at least if we take seriously Paul’s description from the first chapter of Romans, how prone fallen humans are to deny what is obviously true and embrace what is obviously false. That’s why, in this cultural moment, stating the obvious is so “radical.”  

Still, reality eventually wins. For example, many Western nations are backing away from trans-extremism. Tragically, until they do, many lives will be ruined. Ideas have consequences; bad ideas have victims. Thus “radical” Christians must be ready to combat bad ideas and care for their victims. 


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