Richard Dawkins Finds Common Ground with Christians

Science and Christianity both reveal truth about reality.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

As one of the most prominent “New Atheists,” Richard Dawkins provided a kind of academic façade to the anti-religious and specifically anti-Christian movement. In more recent years, however, he has found himself on the same side as those he once opposed.  

Recently on Piers Morgan’s television show, Dawkins pushed back against trans activists, even calling them “bullies.” Looking back on the time he was cancelled for simply asking to discuss why trans-racialism is bad but transgenderism is good, Dawkins observed that while race is literally a spectrum, science allows for only two sexes to our species.  

Whatever our disagreements with atheists like Dawkins, and there are many, scientism and theism do share common ground. We both believe that truth about reality exists beyond our perceptions and is not changed by a prevailing cultural mood. At the same time, what Dawkins tends to forget is that he owes Christianity, a worldview he despises, for the intellectual framework for the science he so believes in.   


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