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Running into the Plague and Social Distancing


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

We aren’t the first Christians to face a plague, and on the latest BreakPoint Podcast, Dr. Glenn Sunshine talks about how Christians have responded to plagues through history.

In the Roman Empire, while pagans ran away, Christians ran toward victims, showing little fear of death, caring for people they didn’t know, amazing the pagans. It was a catalyst to many of them converting.

What does running toward the plague look like in a time of “social distancing?”

To answer that question, Dr. Sunshine pointed to Martin Luther’s response to a different plague. Take precaution, don’t go out unnecessarily so as not to endanger others, but, as he put it: “If it’s my time to die, God will know where to find me.” So, if someone needed him, Luther went.

For us, that could mean shopping, phoning, video chatting, praying, and more. To hear Dr. Sunshine on the BreakPoint Podcast, come to


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Christians in Time of Plague

Shane Morris & Glenn Sunshine | BreakPoint Podcast | March 22, 2020

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