SCOTUS to Hear Case on Chemical Abortion

Case will consider whether certain, possibly unsafe, allowances made under the cover of Covid should be scrapped.


John Stonestreet

The Supreme Court has decided to hear a case about chemical abortion. The case will consider whether certain regulations for the so-called “abortion pill” (which is really a two-pill regimen) should have been jettisoned in 2021 when, using COVID as cover, the FDA removed the requirement of an in-person consultation before issuing a prescription. Chemical abortions are now accessed by mail and telemedicine across state lines.  

Unfortunately, the case won’t consider the FDA’s original approval of chemical abortion, which was rushed through two decades ago without adequate consideration of the risk to women. Now, without the supervision of a medical professional, the risk to women is even greater. In fact, chemical abortions carry a complication rate four times higher than surgical abortion.  

Of course, there are no safe abortions anyway. Every “successful” abortion always results in the loss of life. Abortion by mail only makes both the vulnerable and the guilty less accountable for a terrible decision. 


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