The March for Life, Our Problem with Death, and the State of Persecution Worldwide

BreakPoint This Week


John Stonestreet

John unpacks a number of recent commentaries from BreakPoint, specifically highlighting the march for life and a hero we profiled, Dr. Mildred Jefferson. John also discusses a new report from the New York Times which suggests that many prenatal tests give false positives more often than they produce an accurate diagnosis.

John then discusses death and dying and how we as a society struggle to think carefully about such matters. He points to two recent commentaries the outline how the Christian worldview offers great hope and framework to deal with mortality.

To close, John shares the latest report from The World Watchlist on the state of Christianity and religious freedom worldwide. He highlights the stress on faith around the world and challenges Christians in America to pay attention to the plight of brothers and sisters in the faith worldwide. He also explains the importance of practicing and defending faith in our culture where we may not feel the stress of traditional persecution.



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