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The Pink Tax


John Stonestreet

WORLD Magazine podcast contributor Maria Baer recently reported on the latest fashion in state legislation: exempting feminine hygiene products from the sales tax.

About a dozen states have already adopted the rule and more than 20 considered similar measures in 2019. At first glance it seems harmless; maybe even a good idea. After all, the products are vital for women’s health. But as WORLD’s report dug deeper, it was obvious this was more about virtue signaling than helping women.

The amounts will differ by state, but even by generous estimates, getting rid of the so-called “Pink Tax” will save women maybe ten dollars a year. But it’ll cost states much more than that, meaning taxes will go up in the long run. That’s just bad policy-making.

Americans – and women – deserve better than pandering, irrelevant policies that appear generous and empowering but won’t make a lick of difference. Virtue signaling is bad enough on Twitter. It’s foolish as public policy.


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