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The Point: All Genders Can Have What?


John Stonestreet

All genders can have what?

The U.K.’s Brighton and Hove City Council are asking sex education teachers to teach students as young as eight that all genders can have periods. As in, “menstruate.”

The Christian Post reports that the guidelines state that “trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods.” The guidelines urge schools to have “bins for used period products” in all bathrooms.

One conservative Parliamentarian rightly called this “Insanity.” Still it’s an insanity, in fact, that includes a 4,000-percent increase in the number of requests for gender treatment in the U. K. just in the last 20 years, most of them girls seeking to become boys.

Why eight-year-olds need to know about periods is itself curious. But to confuse the situation by teaching outright falsehoods is downright wicked.

And we should know better than to say, “Well, that’s Britain.” Be alert. Know what is going on in your local public school—whether your kids go there or not. Young lives—body, soul, and spirit—are at stake.


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