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The Point: Argentina Toys with Abortion


John Stonestreet

Illegal and unthinkable.

Abortion has long been illegal in Argentina, except in cases of rape or if the life of the mother is at risk. But a bill, crafted in the Argentinian House, that permits first trimester abortions is headed to the Argentinian Senate. They’ll probably reject it, but abortion advocates see it as progress toward legalizing the killing of babies.

That’s why I will continue to say that our fight against abortion is more than an issue of what the law does or doesn’t permit. While we must do all we can to make (or keep) abortion illegal, we want something greater—we want a culture where abortion is unthinkable. As I said recently on BreakPoint, with abortion-by-pill now so inexpensive and available, legal wins aren’t enough.

Evil never rests, but neither does God. And neither can his Church. So, please, keep the pressure on your legislators. Keep helping women with unplanned pregnancies. Keep making the case for life with your neighbors. And keep praying.

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