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The Point: Equine Before the Law?


John Stonestreet

A horse is a horse, of course.

The Washington Post recently reported about an abused horse in Oregon, named Justice. Its former owner is being sued. By Justice. For $100,000 in damages.

Now Christians recognize God’s directive to man to care for the creation. We should never abuse animals. It’s terrible the way Justice was treated. But Justice is a horse, not a person with a standing to sue.

You can’t tell that to animal-rights lawyers. Their worldview tells them there’s no moral or ontological difference between humans and animals. Our resistance to animal “personhood” is a sign of our bigotry, they say. A bigotry called “speciesism.”

So, they’ll be shopping cases like Justice the horse around until they get a judge to take it. And Oregon, with some of the most progressive animal rights laws, is a good target.

Nonetheless, I wonder how Justice might fare under cross-examination. After all, he’s no Mr. Ed.

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