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The Point: Kelvin Cochran and Religious Freedom Vindicated


John Stonestreet

This discrimination came with a price tag.

Kelvin Cochran was the single most decorated fire fighter in America. Starting his career in a segregated Louisiana fire house, he overcame poverty and discrimination to eventually run FEMA’s Fire Administration.

In 2015, after returning to Atlanta as the city’s fire chief, Cochran was suspended without pay and eventually fired for self-publishing a book titled, “Who Told You that You Were Naked?”  The book was written on his own time with permission from the city, and taught the historic, Christian position on sex and marriage. Cochran was fired for discrimination – not for anything he’d done as fire chief but for views he expressed in his book.

In 2017, a judge found the city’s policies unconstitutional. Last week, Cochran received a settlement of $1.2 million.

I’m thankful this good man received justice. I’m thankful that, once again, the Alliance Defending Freedom delivered. And most of all, I’m thankful for Chief Cochran – who throughout this trial illustrated the faith, kindness, and courage Christians will increasingly need in the days ahead.



Image: YouTube


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