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The Point: Less Diversity Is More?


John Stonestreet

This isn’t diverse, or broad.

A few months ago the city of Philadelphia put out an urgent call for 300 families to take in foster children. But then they banned Catholic Social Services from the foster system because, you guessed it, they won’t place kids with LGBT couples.

That’s the definition of self-defeating!

But absurd is the only word for the opinion of Federal District Judge Petrise Tucker. Judge Tucker refused to issue a restraining order that would have allowed Catholic Social Services to continue placing foster kids.

According to Tucker, the city needs to ensure “that the pool of foster parents and resource caregivers is as diverse and broad as the children in need of foster parents.”

Yes, she said that. Even as she directly ensured the city’s foster care system eliminated an entire class of people (observant Catholics) she called for the city to be diverse and broad.

Catholic Social Services is appealing this self-contradictory decision. Let’s pray religious freedom—and simple logic—prevail.


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