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The Point: Let Our Brethren In!


John Stonestreet

Let them in!

In January, WORLD magazine’s Mindy Belz reported on some 100 Iranian refugees—most of them Christians—fleeing brutal religious persecution.

They were on their way to America because their relatives in the U.S. had applied for asylum for them under the Lautenberg Amendment, which aims to help persecuted religious minorities.

But the U. S. government denied them entry to the U. S. en masse.  They’ve been stuck in Austria ever since, without work, income, or health care. They now face deportation to Iran, which means imprisonment and even execution.

Well, thank heavens a U. S. District judge ruled last week that the government cannot issue a blanket denial of entry, but must examine each applicant’s claim within two weeks.

As Belz writes, it would be tragic if the Trump administration would work “in tandem” with the Mullahs of Iran to “sever non-Muslim believers from their community and their families.”

Let’s pray the administration does the right thing. Come to and I’ll link you to Belz’s reporting.


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