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The Point: Sabrina the Witch—and Personal Autonomy


John Stonestreet

Spiritual, not Satanic?

On an episode of Netflix’s new show, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,” Sabrina Spellman, half-witch/half-mortal, struggles with whether to undergo a “dark baptism,” in which she’ll pledge eternal loyalty to Satan.

Sabrina refuses, not on moral or religious grounds, but because she doesn’t want to give up her boyfriend. As summarizes, the show is about “Sabrina’s journey in her own desire for autonomy and power, defined only by herself rather than the various great forces seeking to control her.”

In other words, Sabrina is “spiritual but not religious” like many other young Americans. She wants the benefits of the supernatural without the obligations.

This show embodies our culture’s obsession with autonomy and self-determination. Apparently, the reason the Devil is bad is because he gets in the way of Sabrina doing whatever she wants.

Set aside the demonic whitewashing. What’s really chilling about the show is the worldview it portrays, and how closely it resembles our current culture.

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