Life and Human Dignity

The Point: Sustaining Freedom


John Stonestreet

Can freedom be sustained without virtue?

A nation is in trouble when its citizens can’t even agree on the definition of freedom.

It’s not just semantics. Does forcing Christians to participate in and celebrate same-sex weddings violate freedom? Is being able to enlist a doctor’s help to kill yourself freedom? What about forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion—Is that freedom?

That’s why we must start by asking, “what is freedom?” before we wrestle with the question, “How do we sustain freedom?”

I can’t think of better minds to help tackle these questions than Os Guinness, Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney Kristin Waggoner, the Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson, and Tom Farr from the Berkley Center.

They’re our lead instructors for an online short course called “Freedom: Can It Be Sustained?” which will be held our straight Tuesday evenings beginning Oct 9. If you can’t make one of the evenings, it’ll be recorded for you.

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