The Point

The Point: The Deadly Logic of Childhood Consent


John Stonestreet

Do children even exist anymore?

Recently I told you about Belgian doctors euthanizing children as young as nine who have requested to die due to reportedly terminal illnesses.

Writing in the Washington Post, Charles Lane offers powerful reasons why Belgium—and other countries considering expanding their euthanasia laws—should put on the brakes. And fast.

Doctors who make the determination on whether a child is competent to request death do so in private. The public and the media can’t investigate.

Lane also points out that we don’t allow children to vote or legally consent to sex. And yet they’re old enough to consent to physician-assisted suicide?

And, if children in the U.S. can consent to receive puberty-blocking hormones to become transgender, is it a huge leap to allow them to consent to…say…sex?

Belgium is further down this road than the U.S., but this road is looking more and more like a slippery slope. Both countries need to turn around. Now.

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