The Point

The Point: The First Freedom or No Freedom


John Stonestreet

Tulane University recently received a foundation grant to open a First Amendment Law Clinic. Students “will work under the supervision of faculty members in representing clients seeking to defend their rights to a free press, to free speech, to petition and to assemble.”

But get this, “In accordance with the guidelines of the foundation, it will not handle religious liberty cases.”

Ah, I see. So the First Amendment’s first freedom, the freedom upon which the other freedoms rely, is off limits for Tulane’s First Amendment law clinic.

Rod Dreher at the American Conservative had some choice words for this hypocrisy. I’ll add another: Fraud.

Sadly, this fraud is a sign of the times. Religious freedom, once considered to be as American as baseball and apple pie, once considered to be a good thing, is now seen by many as synonymous with bigotry and hatred.

We’ll need to learn to make the case for religious freedom, or else we will lose it.


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