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The Point: Water from Where?


John Stonestreet

No, that doesn’t sound right at all.

Not that we needed more proof, but the media just . . . doesn’t . . . get . . . religion…

The esteemed Wall Street Journal carried a story about a water generation project in Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the technology “improves on Moses…He brought water from a rock. They bring water from thin air.”

The Journal, however, missed that clever biblical allusion, writing instead that Netanyahu said Moses brought water from Iraq. The country.

Cue palm to forehead slap.

The media aren’t biblically literate. But they’re not alone. Gallup and Barna reveal that American knowledge of the Bible is eroding. In fact, Gallup went so far as to say, “Americans revere the Bible–but, by and large, they don’t read it. And because they don’t read it, they have become a nation of biblical illiterates.”

It’s a shame that we can’t trust what we read in the media. But it’s a bigger shame that all of us aren’t reading more of the one source we can always trust.

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