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The Point: Who Could Be Against Saving Children Born Alive?

Why won’t they protect babies born alive?

Earlier this week, all but three Democratic senators voted against the Born Alive Act, which would require doctors to treat babies who survive an abortion like they would any other baby.

Why would anyone oppose caring for an infant born alive?

On Facebook, my colleague Joseph Backholm explained it clearly, “We are rational beings, so our minds desire consistency. We know when we're being hypocrites and we don't like it. . . If a doctor is required to treat a baby who survives a late-term abortion, it begs him to consider why he should have been allowed to kill that baby 5 minutes earlier.”

So, Joseph concludes, “to avoid questions about abortion that would arise if they condemned infanticide,” backers of abortion “embrace infanticide.”

Our rational minds are polluted by our selfish hearts. Unless our heart is made new, our minds will justify whatever our heart wants. Even if it’s evil. As Chuck Colson used to say, there’s no limit to the human capacity for self-deception.



John Stonestreet


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