The Sea is Still Worth Seeing

The doom and gloom message of environmentalism.


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

Based on media reports, you might think the ocean is basically dead from pollution. But rumors of the ocean’s demise are greatly exaggerated. 

Recently, a colleague from Florida received an email from a Christian mom: My son Christopher, 11, used to be super interested in SCUBA diving. But this morning he revealed that he thinks there’s no point because the oceans are full of trash and there’s nothing beautiful to see anymore. 

So, my colleague, who loves to SCUBA dive, sent underwater photos of sharks, fish, and coral reefs. Apparently, Christopher has changed his mind. 

There are real environmental problems we ought not minimize, but one of the mistakes of modern environmentalism is a relentless doom and gloom that treats humans as a parasite and disease. This attitude only discourages future generations from caring or, in this case, even looking.   

Humans were created to steward God’s world. When we see what He’s given us, the response tends to be gratitude and hope, not gloom and doom. 


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