The Targeting of Children with Down Syndrome

European countries show dramatic spike in abortions of Down syndrome babies, while pro-life parents feel the pressure.


John Stonestreet

Right to Life News recently shared stories of couples in the U.K. who were pressured to abort their children after learning they may have Down syndrome. In fact, one of the mothers was reminded multiple times that she could legally abort her baby up until birth: “I was told that until my baby had started travelling down the birth canal, I could still terminate.” 

In just the last two years, Scotland has seen an 84% increase in abortions where the baby had been diagnosed with Down syndrome. In the U.S., babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted 85% of the time. In some European nations, as many as 98% of children with the condition are aborted. 

Many believe that ending the life of a child with Down syndrome is mercy. Yet an overwhelming number of people with Down syndrome and their siblings report high levels of happiness and life satisfaction. Even if they didn’t, every life is a gift and should be protected. 


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