Top 10 Moral Issues Facing America


Chuck Colson

Every Christian needs to go to the polls on November 2 with firm convictions about how to cast their ballots.  To help, we’ve put together this Top 10 list of the significant moral issues facing America today.  I hope that it will elevate the tone of the debate and assist you as you prepare to exercise your God-given trust to vote.  For more information, you can order a CD from the BreakPoint Bookstore with a compilation of BreakPoint commentaries in which I address these moral issues.

1. Sanctity of Life: Preserving sanctity of life by resisting the encroachment of abortion, euthanasia, cloning, and embryonic stem cell research.

2. Religious Liberty: Defending the persecuted Church and others of faith around the world, and defending freedom of religion here at home.

3. Human Rights: Protecting human rights, whether it’s stopping sex-trafficking, slavery in  Sudan, or the spread of AIDS.

4. Marriage: Protecting by law the traditional heterosexual definition of the family.

5. Terrorism: Strengthening  America in the War on Terrorism and in the clash of civilizations against radical Islam.

6. Judiciary Roles: Restoring the constitutional role of the Supreme Court and restricting judicial activism.

7. Faith-based solutions: Advocating faith-based solutions to societal problems.

8. Marginalized Citizens: Caring for the poor and restoring prisoners. Preserving the financial stability of health care for the elderly and disabled.

9. Education: Improving education and promoting choices within the educational system.

10. Media: Challenging the negative impact of the mass media on culture — including speaking out against pornography, sexual exploitation, and violence.

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