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Yahoo! is closing Delicious? What Christians Should Know

Yahoo! is selling its social bookmarking site Delicious. Details on this story are scattered, since the news broke via an internal leak, but the future of Delicious is unclear at best. Social bookmarking, according to Wikipedia, “is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online. Unlike file sharing, the resources themselves aren't shared, merely bookmarks that reference them.”

Bloggers, online writers, and web marketers use bookmarking sites like Delicious to increase the exposure of their online content and create multiple avenues for people to find their website or blog.

But why is this important for Christians? Christians on the web, like everyone else writing blogs or articles, are worried about loosing the Delicious bookmarks they spent countless time creating and want to migrate them to other bookmarking sites (B.L. Ochman has an idea for anyone looking to do that).

This frantic rush reminds me of how some people use a default social media to get the attention of their audience, rather than find out the right media--even if that means using several. If the media closes down, they’re out in the cold unless they diversified their social media portfolio.

Likewise, if we want to evangelize non-believers or help put strong Christian content in the hands of believers online, we need to be smart about it. We should find out where our target audience congregates, digitally, and use all of the medias they use. In BreakPoint’s Centurions Program, they would refer to this as your “Sphere of Influence.”

Don’t use Facebook for your ministry or apostolate just because that’s the social media tool you know how to use. Use Facebook because you know that is where you’re most likely to reach the people interested in your message. If your Sphere of Influence is on Twitter, use Twitter. Web forums? Go there.

Social media is changing so fast that being effective in the digital space means investing in the right medias, and always being ready to pivot when one closes down or is no longer relevant to your work.