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Banner being sued by “pro-abortion priest”

(Manhattan Declaration) -, one of the most influential and credible news sites dedicated the life and family issues on the internet, is being sued by the most unlikely of people: a Catholic priest.

Fr. Raymond Gravel, a priest and former politician from Quebec, has a bone to pick with (Catholic priests are not allowed to be politicians). He claims they have libeled him by calling him “pro-abortion.” He apparently prefers the term “pro-choice,” even though many of his efforts and speeches sound much more like he wants to increase the availability of abortion, not just the choice to have one.

He is suing for $500,000 , which happens to be a full-year’s budget for the prominent website. In response, is asking readers and supporters to donate to help them gain the legal support necessary to fight this case.

Fr. Gravel is no stranger to controversy. In fact, it seems to be his modus operandi. Just consider a subheading from an article written 5-years ago about Fr. Gravel by “A colorful and controversial Roman Catholic priest who worked as a male prostitute and in a gay leather bar in his youth, is considering a run for Parliament.”

As a Catholic priest in Canada, he has been removed from the duties as chief catechist of his home diocese, the Diocese of Joliette. He blames for his removal.

He has been an outspoken critic of the Catholic Church on its position against homosexual behavior and abortion.

Surrounding the issue of politicians being denied Holy Communion for their outspoken participation in supporting abortion, he is quoted with saying that no bishop will deny him communion, not even the Pope. Going beyond criticizing the Church he curiously remains a member of, he actually complained about before the House of Commons.

Fr. Gravel has been criticized for his pro-abortion (or pro-choice) and homosexual beliefs by many organizations, blogs, and news sites. But the reason why he is specifically attacking is unclear at this point. claims, “The very fact that Fr. Gravel feels he has to sue LSN is proof-positive of just how much LSN is needed.”

If you are interested in learning more about this situation or want to help, CLICK HERE.


Well Said, Steve (SBK)
Your response immediately put me in mind of Luke 20:1-7.

Nice work.
So, he's pro-choice and pro-life?