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The potential consequence of Pres. Obama’s abandonment of DOMA

Writers and bloggers are hammering away at the Justice Department’s decision, under President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s direction, to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act in federal court. They have essentially decided to abandon the law.

For the various reasons given for why this is an affront to liberty and justice, the most important was pointed out by the Manhattan Declaration’s own Dr. Robert George.

As reported by CNA, “he said Holder’s statement was ‘dripping with animus’ against people who believe that marriage is ‘the conjugal union of husband and wife.’”

“He treats that belief as if it were a mere prejudice, as though it is motivated by a desire to cause harm to people…Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. It is a legitimate moral belief that has informed our law throughout history.” READ MORE at the blog...


I hope more Christians will speak up and also, sign the Manhattan Declaration.

But the point at which we have arrived is the result of little light and salt in our culture.

Christians, decades ago, abandoned Biblical marriage.

As one secular commentator recognized back then about the Christian attitude to h0mosexual 'marriages' and divorce:
‘I think in due time this thinking will change, just as most churches’ opposition to divorce, for example, has