Controversial Name Change

Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC) is changing its name, and it's causing a bit of a controversy. Tom Gilson, long-time staff member for CCC -- now known as "Cru" -- explains the change.


Kim, you didn't use "emoticons", so I don't know whether your question was sincere or tongue-in-cheek. IF it was tongue-in-cheek, yes, I "got it". And, my response is right where I started:

I "got it". I understand it. I even see your point. I still don't like it.
Remind me, Carol, why did the Sisters stop wearing habits?
I read it. I understand it. I even see his point. I still don't like it.

Let me throw a bit of a curve ball here to explain my reaction. A convert to Catholiciam in my teens, I left because I was angry at God. I was a Protestant for 20 years, and returned to the Church some 25 years ago. In the interim, Vatican II had come and gone. I found a multitude of women in street dress whom others called "Sister". I got my back up and refused (till recently) to call any woman not wearing a habit "Sister". I felt if she did not love Jesus enough to be proud of being His "spouse", she didn't deserve the title, either. That's how I feel about CCC's new title.
(Btw, I have since dealt with my temper, realizing that each of us must answer for her decisions. The good Lord knows I've got enough of my own to answer for without taking on anyone elses!)

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