'The King's English'

It sounds like a passage taken from a Shakespeare play, like Hamlet or Othello, but it isn't. It's something even better. Enjoy this three-minute reading.


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Ellen, I must say I'm extremely proud of you for the work you're doing for your children's school. Go get 'em!

And yes, Gina deserves as much appreciation from us as we can deliver.
Ellen, I am the sort of person that would say a Zombie Uprising was "slightly unpleasant."

Not Bad from me can mean anything from,"I prefer this to being tortured" and "I better avoid this lest it turn into an obsession", and you might not ever know.
I finally watched the embedded video.

"Not bad," Jason? Not bad??? More like:





Well done, good and faithful servant.
Thank you for humor, Lee! I needed the comic relief from my current endeavors -- www.blaineparents.org -- and the Fools who call themselves Educators and Education Administrators. Gina, after setting up this website (thank God for WordPress!!), I'm getting a glimmer into your job as Blog Editor.
Speaking of fools:


See Logs|5/30/2000 - 6/26/2000 - Mandolin crossing the Pacific: Day 19

We had two of these caps and wore them that day. Maybe I can dig one up and send it to you, Lee. Or you could buy one during Carnival in Mexico as we did.

Or, I could just say, "OFF WITH HIS HEAD!" ....pthbhbhththbth... :p
KJV and Tyndale
See the article on his website that points out that over 75 per cent of KJV comes from Tyndale.

Milch Duds
Wot ye not? Those were the definitive precursors to Old English toffee of the very richest kine.

And for what it’s worth, and without commenting on the mysterious significance of it, did you know that ‘Rolley Haggard’ is encoded in characters 4, 7, 41, 132,146, 184, 196, 197, 236, 267, 276, 279, 337 of Numbers 21:14-18 in the KJV? Or so I’m told, and far be it from me to engage in doubtful disputations.

Very odd bodkins, indeed.
And I was born on the 27th day of the month; we all know that 27 is 3 x 3 x 3, and 3 is the number of the Trinity, so...

...so pthbhbhththbth, ...uh,... *Milady*.

(Note to self: ask Jason, at some point, if there is any way to jokingly insult a superior, particularly an en*light*ened one, without winding up in the Tower awaiting execution. Whatever happened to the official position of "fool", anyway? There was one in "King Lear" - just to show that I can indeed get back on-topic from almost anywhere.)
Well, since one of the meanings of "Ellen" is "light," http://wiki.name.com/en/Ellen, then I get lots and lots of mentions:
Psh, Willie was a piker; I get *three* mentions:
Oh come. If you accuse Shakespeare of writing his name in code in the Bible-especially where it says "I am" you have pretty much accused him of blasphemy.
Ellen, I had to look it up myself. :-) Here's a link I found.

Okay, I confess
I don't know the 'secret' buried in Psalm 46 in the KJV. Will you please inform me (and the others reading who also don't know).
Same Guy That Discovered This

There's a little grassy knoll in all of us.

And how.
More seriously, I think one of the larger impacts of the KJV has been from the Hebrew mode of speech, with its repetitions (such as in Proverbs). Think how much MORE effective it makes a speech (or sermon) when that technique is used; and, conversely, I think the absence of exposure to Scripture is why there are now so very few politicians capable of giving an interesting speech. When a person can absorb those rhythms and repetitions into their fundamental channels of expression, I think it necessarily and inevitably makes for a more interesting speaker (or teacher, which is my own main spiritual gift).
I'm assuming y'all here know of the 'secret' buried in Psalm 46 in the KJV? I have to wonder, who was the first person to discover that, and how?
I Like…
…But confess that I hoped all the time
To hear “superfluity of naughtiness” put into rhyme.


(And my first two choices in study Bibles are KJV and NASB, respectively.)
His name is Glen Scrivener. Fro more about him and his ministry:

Not bad. Do you know who that was?
Sorry -- try it now.
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