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Gina R. Dalfonzo
Gina is editor of “The Point” and a writer for BreakPoint Radio. She was originally hired four years ago as BreakPoint’s Web editor on the basis of her merciless proofreading, which has been known to make writers weep. Her own writing, having passed through the hands of other, equally merciless editors, can be found on BreakPoint Online and in BreakPoint WorldView magazine, National Review (both the OnDeadTree and OnDeadPixels versions), The Weekly Standard, and Boundless.

Amanda Bush
Thrilled to be interning with BreakPoint, Amanda is a senior Christian Ethics major at Union University in Jackson, Tenn. She was born and raised in Knoxville and appreciates the glorious mountainous terrain. Amanda really enjoys learning—especially about philosophy, apologetics, bioethics, economics, and justice. She hopes to be involved in public policy and in engaging worldview.

Amanda is an avid swimmer and checkers player, occasionally tries to play golf, and loves exploring D.C. She has served on the Executive Council of the Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature, serves in student government, and is involved in a local church. She also really enjoys reading C.S. Lewis, Charles Dickens, and church fathers, and keeping up with ethical developments.

Prison Fellowship holds a special place in Amanda’s life and she hopes to be involved for years to come.

Anne Morse
Anne is senior writer for BreakPoint. She has been writing and editing BreakPoint commentaries and columns with Chuck Colson since 1993. In 2004, she co-authored with Chuck Colson the How Now Shall We Live? Devotional (Tyndale). In 1997, she and Mr. Colson co-authored an award-winning collection of BreakPoint commentaries called Burden of Truth (Tyndale).

Anne contributes to National Review Online, the Weekly Standard, Touchstone, Family Security Matters, Beliefnet, the Independent Women’s Forum, and other publications. Her review of Christina Hoff Sommers’s book, The War Against Boys, was given a first place Evangelical Press Award in the category of critical review. Anne has been called everything from “The Handmaiden of Satan” by the extreme right (for a piece she wrote about the Harry Potter books) to “full-service propagandist” by the extreme left Center for the Media and Democracy, which dislikes everything she writes.

Anne is married to Capt. Brent Morse of the Public Health Service. The couple has two sons in college, Travis and Trevor.

Allen Thornburgh
Like every other Gen-X kid growing up with a front-porch view of the Washington Monument, Allen Thornburgh just knew that he had to major in government and politics. And then become a missionary to Ukraine, and then a police officer, and then a Corporate America Guy. And ultimately, as realized in 2004, Prison Fellowship’s vice president of direct marketing. It was all so predictable, so cliché.

Allen and his wife met at George Mason University (Final Four 2006!), married in D.C.'s Blizzard of '96, and now homeschool their wonderful children. A member of the third class of Centurions, Allen is a fan of Ronald Reagan, Buddy Holly, Magnum, P.I. reruns, courageous public policy, and uncommon valor.

Angelise Anderson
Born and raised in Hawaii, Angelise unwittingly left her balmy paradise for the moody weather wilds of Northern Virginia, but she has finally found a niche. An almost alumna of Patrick Henry College, she is interning with BreakPoint until her graduation in May 2008.

Her resume also includes 14 years of dance training (including professional hula), several roles in college drama productions, and four years of competitive speech and debate with several state titles, and a national recognition of third in expository speech.

Angelise assists in coaching a local NCFCA speech club, serves as a resident assistant at PHC, helps host a biweekly radio program, "The Soundboard," volunteers at a local Pregnancy Health Center, and is a member of a Sovereign Grace Church.

She has been most recently sighted in the company of her sporty Mazda, affectionately known as “Zorro.”

Billy Atwell
A native of Brooklyn, N.Y., but a Southern boy at heart, Billy Atwell joined the BreakPoint team in January 2009 after graduating from East Carolina University. While pursuing degrees in political science and philosophy, Billy founded his university's chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. Additionally, he has worked in various positions such as veterinary technician, corporate manager, fitness trainer, tumbling coach, bubble sheet counter, and at PFM, assistant to the public policy director, before taking his present position as justice reform coordinator.

Billy's writing influences are C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and anyone else who smokes a pipe. He enjoys hunting, hiking, writing, and reading. In his spare time he enjoys using his life experiences and intriguing testimony as a two-time cancer survivor to reach people through public speaking, with the hope that his story can deepen others in their faith. Beyond that, he's actually quite boring.

Catherine Larson
Catherine earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Spanish from Furman University, which left her incredibly fluent in Spanglish. She enrolled in Reformed Theological Seminary where she earned a master of arts degree in Biblical Studies (or a master’s in BS, which is helpful for oh so many things). After a short stint teaching English in a public high school, she left education, satisfied that all her students spoke English fluently and no child had been left behind. Given her uncanny ability to write through walls, she landed a job as a ghostwriter for Prison Fellowship. Today, in addition to being in and out of prison all the time, she enjoys writing in third person, being involved with church-planting in D.C., testing funny accents on unsuspecting telemarketers, and amusing her friends with Gollum impersonations. She has pursued both theater and writing, but finding that they have not in turn pursued her, she is currently playing hard to get.

David Carlson
David, alias Dave the Swede, prefers to remain a mystery.

Dennis Babish
Dennis was born and raised in Aliquippa, PA, home of Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, Henry Mancini, and of course Dennis. He received a BS degree in mathematics with a minor in natural science long before the zero was invented or evolution was a theory. Since '69 he has sweltered in the field of computers, where he has now been so long that he is a walking IT textbook.

He is an avid reader and a student of American history with a special interest in American presidents. He feels strongly that all authority comes from God and that each president is divinely appointed with specific goals and timing. His goal is to determine what God’s plan was and is for each of them.

Teaching is his passion and he currently uses this gift in various classes in his church. He is a member of the 2007 Centurion class and plans on utilizing this valuable knowledge to help bring salt and light to Southern Wisconsin.

Dennis is married to Judy, the love of his life, and has three stepchildren and three grandchildren. He enjoys spending as much time with them as he can.

Diane Singer
Diane is a wife, mother, and grandmother who also happens to be an English teacher at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. Aside from spending time with her family, her passions are going on short-term mission trips, teaching Bible classes at her local church, swimming, and—her newest hobby—scuba diving. She’s been an avid reader of Chuck Colson's books for many years, and is a graduate of the 2004 Centurion class.

Jason Bruce
Jason is the Program Services Specialist for BreakPoint. Prior to Prison Fellowship, he worked as a program coordinator for the American Apparel & Footwear Association. He earned a bachelor of science degree in human ecology from the University of the Philippines and worked as an environmental, social science, and public consultation specialist for five years before moving to the United States in 2000. A Filipino by birth, he enjoys what most Filipinos in America enjoy—that is, to eat six times a day and get together and sing karaoke with other Filipinos. He also enjoys listening to all kinds of music, singing with his local church choir, sharing life with his church men's small group, scuba diving, tennis, movies, and learning how to play the guitar. He married his best friend and the love of his life, Praise, in 2001 and is now a proud dad to a little princess named Isabelle.

Jeff Clinton
Jeff is an IT professional. Following graduation from Covenant College, he embarked on a great adventure by marrying the love of his life and college sweetheart. Twenty-one trips around the sun later, their quiver has been filled with four amazing children who inspire them, humble them, and bring them great joy. Jeff first learned the term worldview when attending Covenant College in the 1980s. He was further mentored in how to think Christianly and worldviewishly as a PFM Wilberforce Centurion in 2004. Jeff attends a Presbyterian (PCA) mission church called Christ the King. When he is not busy building database systems, he can usually be found playing Age of Empires with his children or cheering for them at their swim meets.

Jeff Peck
Jeff is a 40-something married father of two living in Northern Virginia. His current position as director of publishing means he oversees a lot of writing, editing, design, production, and communications-related tasks for PFM. He's lived for nearly equal periods in California, Texas, and Virginia. His primary interests include theology, all things military, outdoor life (camping, fishing, hiking, skiing, shooting), biographies, and above all hanging with his beautiful family (including faithful dog Mosby). Spiritual formation credits go to his parents, Mariner's Church in Newport Beach, Second Baptist in Houston, Louie Giglio during his college years at Baylor, and most recently the works of John Piper. He attends McLean Bible Church, where he has served on the worship team and leads a men's small group.

Jess Eischens
Previously the 2007 summer BreakPoint intern for PFM, Jess now works as a copy specialist for MLT Vacations in Minnesota. Since her mind is often found wandering in vacation-land, her posts are few and far between, but occasionally—if you’re lucky—you just might see her leave a comment or post something that sparks her interest. She’s still as big of a Twins fan as ever, and loves to play softball and volleyball. Take a minute to read the article she wrote about her prison-visit experience while she interned with BreakPoint, and while you’re at it, take a peek at another article co-written with a fellow intern.

Karen Williams
After a four-year hiatus attending Cedarville University in Ohio, Karen is happy to be back in the Old Dominion, where she grew up. She currently works as a writer and researcher for Justice Fellowship, the criminal justice reform arm of Prison Fellowship. Her perfect day involves a long run, an adventure in the woods, quality time in the kitchen, and an evening with a fabulous swing dance partner.

Kim I. Moreland
Kim serves as project manager and research associate for the Wilberforce Forum. She also contributes articles for the Breakpoint Online website and has worked with award-winning author Jonathan Aitken on his biography of Charles Colson. (Before her marriage, she wrote under the name Kim Robbins.) Kim loves ballroom dancing, and her ambition is to become a world-class traveler.

Kristine Steakley
Kristine is a freelance writer and grant writing consultant from northern Virginia. She manages a blog for children of divorce, and her articles have appeared in BreakPoint Online, Inside Journal, and Her first book, on grown children of divorce, will be published by InterVarsity Press in 2008.

Lori Smith
Lori Smith is a fulltime freelance writer whose work has appeared in Washington Post Book World, Publishers Weekly, Today's Christian Woman, and Discipleship Journal, among others. Her first book, The Single Truth, addressed singleness thoughtfully from a Christian perspective. For her next venture, A Walk with Jane Austen, she took off for a month to follow Austen's life through England. Her favorite movie of all time is the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice - all five hours! Her favorite places in the world include Paris's Sainte-Chapelle, Hampshire's Alton Abbey, and the sleepy southern beach towns in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Lori also runs the Jane Austen Quote of the Day and Following Austen.

Pat Nolan
Pat Nolan is the old man of The Point, having been born at midpoint in the last century, when Harry Truman was President. He is the sixth of nine children and grew up on Crenshaw Blvd., the third generation of his family to live in that neighborhood. Pat and his brothers and sisters performed Irish dancing as the Nine Dancing Nolans, and they stole the show at the International Folk Dance Festival, according to the LA Examiner. Pat was the envy of every kid in the neighborhood when he was able to be at Disneyland on opening day in 1955. He proudly graduated from USC, and rode as their mascot, Tommy Trojan, in the 1974 Rose Parade.

He is a recovering politician, having served for 15 years in the California State Assembly, where he was Republican Leader from ’84-‘88. He also became known as #06833-097 during the two years he spent as an inmate in federal prison. Pat is married to Gail, who is blind to his faults and laughs at his jokes. They have three children, two daughters in college, and a son who is a sophomore in high school. Because of their investment in their kids’ education, Pat and Gail have told their children that they will always be welcome at the doublewide. Pat heads up Justice Fellowship, the criminal justice reform arm of Prison Fellowship, and is passionate about bringing the Christian principles of restorative justice to our criminal justice system. 

Rebekah Hall
Rebekah was raised in Akron, Ohio, affectionately known by some as Tire Town, and by others, including herself, as Ohio’s best kept secret -- though Ohio itself is a bit of a well kept secret. Providence led her to Northern Virginia to pursue studies in public policy and political theory at Patrick Henry College, but she also inexplicably gained the notice of a gentle bearded man named Jacob, with whom in due time she fell in love and married. (The baby’s coming in April 2009.) When Rebekah is not with Jacob, she is at PFM as restorative justice assistant for Justice Fellowship. Previously, she assisted the national director of public policy for PFM, and before that, she was a coordinator for three federal and state political campaigns, and before that, she assisted the Ohio Christian Alliance, and before that, she studied music and crunched numbers for a telemarketing corporation. And somewhere in there, she learned the distinction between a latte and a cappuccino and taught it to Starbucks customers. Her recommended beverage is a doppio espresso con panna with caramel drizzle.

Regis Nicoll
Regis is a Centurion of the Wilberforce Forum and a freelance writer whose work regularly appears on BreakPoint Online, Crosswalk, and the Crux Project among other publications. When not writing, Regis may be found executing flams and paradiddles on his drum kit, watching film noir while munching cheese nachos, or sipping coffee his wife says is too expensive. You can reach out and touch him at

Roberto Rivera y Carlo
Roberto is the official liaison from the Pegasus Galaxy. His mission is to both observe and explain the seemingly random and irrational things that the Tauri do and think to their more evolved kin across the universe.

He doesn’t get home very often since that draining of the Zero Point Module restricts Stargate traffic to priority missions only. In the meanwhile, he enjoys such advanced Tauri pursuits as baseball, HDTV, and Earth Jazz and Classical on high-resolution audio.

Stephen Reed
Stephen is from the other Virginia, which makes him a Mountaineer football fan. A graduate of WVU and Emory University, he enjoyed a five-year stint in talk radio in Charleston, W.Va., serving as a "watchdog" over state government antics there. Previous to his talk radio career, he served as West Virginia's Deputy Secretary of State.

Stephen's wife, Leni, is originally from Indonesia, which accounts for his love of Sumatran coffee. While they hope children are in the offing, for now they have the friendliest dog in the world, Veronica the Border Collie Mix.

Stephen enjoys conversations touching on theology, philosophy, pop culture (especially films), and all things related to C.S. Lewis and Arthurian legend. He serves as Prison Fellowship’s grants and foundations specialist.

Steve Rempe
A transplanted Buckeye now living in the fertile soil of northern Virginia, Steve serves as the web editor for Prison Fellowship's website. The oldest of four boys, Steve has a working knowledge of emergency rooms in several states, and maintains a extensive list of "crazy things I did as a child that could've killed me that my kids will never be allowed to attempt." Wisely, he married Beth Friedrich, RN, in 2008. The couple is hoping their first visit to a hospital as husband and wife will be for the birth of their first child in July 2009. Steve is a proud alum of Miami University (the one in Ohio, not to be confused with the school in Florida) and Regent University (the one in Virginia, not to be confused with the school in British Columbia). Steve has had articles published in Crisis magazine and Faith & Freedom, and has been quoted in both The New York Times and ESPN: The Magazine (the latter being the more impressive to Steve's brothers).

When not receiving medical attention, Steve likes to cook, read, and exercise, and maintains an inexplicable fondness for the Cincinnati Bengals.

T. M. Moore
T. M. is dean of the Centurions Program of the Wilberforce Forum. He also serves as principal of The Ailbe Fellowship, a spiritual order in the Celtic tradition. He has been a pastor, church planter, campus minister, and seminary president. T. M. is the author or editor of seventeen books, and has contributed chapters to several others. His essays, reviews, articles, and poetry have appeared in dozens of journals and periodicals, and his weekly column, “Second Sight,” appears on BreakPoint Online.

Travis McSherley
A native of the cornfields and basketball courts of Indiana, Travis serves as editor of BreakPoint Online. His cultural musings have also appeared on blogs at, the Independent Women's Forum, and Filling up Space.

Zoe Sandvig
Although an Aussie by birth, the closest Zoe can get to an accent is an odd cross between British and Southern. She spends her nine to five writing for Jubilee, Inside Out, and BreakPoint. She also regularly contributes to the Washington Times and World Magazine. When she’s not writing, she’s probably discussing new Lost theories, trying to beat co-workers at Boggle, or planning her next adventure (recent ones have included an expedition Rwanda and a cross-country road trip to Montana).