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The Roots of the Present Crisis


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

On Monday, the Colson Center launched a free online event, “Truth. Love. Together.” Over the next several weeks, we will post outstanding presentations from over 20 leading Christian thinkers, broken down into five modules. Plus, there will be a live weekly Q&A session with one or more of our speakers.

The first module is “What is Truth?” On today’s BreakPoint podcast, we offer a taste of Os Guinness’s outstanding presentation on “The Roots of Our Present Crisis.”

Os traces our nation’s current political and cultural crises back to two competing views of government and humanity: one rooted in the American Revolution and biblical foundations, the other in the French Revolution, ideas which also led to Marxist revolutions in Russia and China.

You can listen at or see the video presentation at when you register for the “Truth. Love. Together.” event. 


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What Is Truth?: The Roots of the Present Crisis

Os Guinness & Shane Morris | Truth. Love. Together. | May 19, 2020

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