What ADF Really Does

NPR hit piece misaligns the legal advocacy group and overlooks progressive censorship and gross medical malpractice. 


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

Last month, National Public Radio joined the growing fearmongering and dogpiling aimed at the Alliance Defending Freedom. The Fresh Air interview was hosted by Terry Gross and featured David Kirkpatrick, who authored an extensive expose about the religious freedom group in The New Yorker. 

The article and the interview painted ADF as being against women’s rights and LGBTQ equality, as if there were no progressive push to curb the freedom of speech or to standardize mail-order chemical abortions or to mainstream radical gender ideology for second graders.   

In the article, Kirkpatrick sounded as alarmist as Terry Gross, implying that somehow ADF is part of the aggressive religious plot to take over America. In the interview, he was calm and thoughtful, reigning in her soft-spoken hysteria. In the end, it’s a lesson in just how important our worldviews are. They make all the difference in what we see, what we conclude is wrong with the world, and how the world can be made better. 


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