Women Are “Non-Men”?

The university’s glossary updates appall even the LGBT community. 


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

In a fumbled attempt to be more “inclusive” during “pride month,” Johns Hopkins University announced updates to its glossary of LGBT terms. Particularly controversial was a new definition of “lesbian,” as a “non-man attracted to non-men.” The definition, avoiding the term “woman” altogether and centering on “men,” appalled even members of the queer community. One lesbian called it “progressive misogyny.”  

It’s another example of transgender ideology leading to the erasure of women. However, L, G, and B critics of this terminology miss how their own body-denying views contributed to this. Homosexual practice is just as much a rejection of the body as transgender ideology is.  

For that matter, the hook-up culture, digital technology, abortion, and plenty of other things common in the modern world, have also eroded our collective understanding of the human body and its unique value. The only way forward is to recover the God-given meaning of the human body, who and how God created us to be. 


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