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Worldviews and Cultural Fluency for Christian Educators


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

After pivoting mid-stream to online teaching last year, still getting students to the end of the term and seniors to graduation, teachers this year are forced to prepare without knowing exactly where or how they will be teaching. It’s like building a plane in mid-air.

And Christian educators not only have to teach in this situation, they, as T. S. Eliot maintained, have a fundamentally different task: to train students to think “in Christian categories.” To do this in a rapidly changing culture like ours, is even more difficult.

That’s why the Colson Center is partnering with two of the world’s leading Christian education organizations to offer free, online professional development for Christian educators. The course is called “Worldviews and Cultural Fluency” and is led by world-class Christian educators for Christian educators who teach at every level and in every context: K-12, college, seminary, homeschool parents, teachers, professors, and administrators.

If you are involved in Christian education, or know someone who is, please visit to learn more.


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Worldviews and Cultural Fluency

Colson Center | 2020

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