A Review of the Midterm Election, Disappointment at the Polls Following Dobbs and Pushing the Reset Button on Social Media

John and Maria examine how the expected “red wave” fizzled.


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

John and Maria examine how the expected “red wave” fizzled and why the pro-life position in the abortion debate is losing at the cultural level.


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Dysconnected documentary 

My Village Ministries 


Segment 1 – The Midterm Results

Abortion, Marijuana were also on 2022 Ballots. Here’s how states voted.”

The Washington Post

Understanding the Underwhelming GOP Performance”

National Review

Gender Breakdown in Exit Polls Revealed Unmarried Women Went Hard Left”

Washington Examiner

Every Prolife Republican Governor Who Signed an Abortion Ban Won Re-election”

Segment 2 – What Now? Why Politics Isn’t a Worldview

Politics Isn’t Everything, but it’s Not Nothing”

Andrew T Walker in WORLD Opinions

“Politics Makes a Lousy Worldview”


Segment 3 – TikTok in China vs. In the U.S.; Boarding School Bans Smartphones

60 Minutes: Social Media companies amplifying Americans’ anger for profit”

CBS News

This School Took Away Smartphones. The Kids Don’t Mind.”

The Wall Street Journal 

Segment 4 – Stories of the Week

Hong Kong Refugees Can Influence Churches”

The Point

Why So Many Young People are “Dysconnected” From Their Families, Bodies and Reality”


The Threat of ‘True Crime”

The Point

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