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Amy Grant’s Easy Answer Won’t Do


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

Recently, Christian music legend Amy Grant appeared on the pro-LGBT podcast “Proud Radio.” Asked about gay artists in country music, Grant said that she thinks it’s important to “set a welcome table” for people of all sexual orientations because: “None of us are a surprise to God. Nothing about who we are or what we’ve done.” The host understood these words as an endorsement of his gay lifestyle. 

But nothing Grant said is technically wrong. God does love and welcome sinners. He isn’t surprised by who we are or what we’ve done. But in this cultural moment, to speak only the culturally acceptable truths about love and acceptance while keeping silent on the offensive truths about sin and salvation ends up not telling the truth, at all.

We all want to say things that will keep our secular counterparts listening. But if we really believe in the power of God’s love to overcome our sin, the easy and misleading answer won’t do.


Image sourced from: Justin Higuchi


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