Culture’s Crisis of Meaning, Pride Month, and Promoting Drug Addiction

Maria asks John to explain more about the cultural breakdown as we witness a rise in gun violence across the country.


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

John and Maria reflect on recent claims that Judaism supports a pro-abortion agenda. They note a Breakpoint commentary with historian Glenn Sunshine dispelling this myth and explaining why it has picked up steam in culture.

Changing topics, Maria asks John to explain more about the cultural breakdown as we witness a rise in gun violence across the country. John maintains that gun violence is one of many examples of how our culture is in a crisis of meaning. He ponders how we’ve gotten here and what philosophers are saying.

Maria moves to discussing June as Pride Month. Referencing Carl Trueman on social justice and Pride Month, John explores areas the Church can engage our culture.

To close, John comments on a recent tweet showing public posters in support of reducing the stigma around drug addiction, encouraging recreational use of addictive narcotics.


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Segment 1:

Judaism and Abortion

While Conservative and Reform Jews do support legal access to abortion, they have only done so recently and despite their moral and religious views, not because of them


Segment 2:

Iain McGilchrist And Uvalde

“If you had set out to destroy the happiness and stability of a people, it would have been hard to improve on our current formula: remove yourself as far as possible from the natural world; repudiate the continuity of your culture; believe you are wise enough to do whatever you happen to want and not only get aways with it, but have a right to it — and a right to silence those who disagree; minimise the role played by a common body of belief; actively attack and dismantle every social structure as a potential source of oppression; and reject the idea of a transcendent set of values.”

It seems to me that she is making a point complementary to Dr. McGilchrist’s: that we have created a culture and indeed a civilization that produces unhappy, unstable people, and provides them with the means to stay hidden from the rest of us, and to inflict mass murder.

The American Conservative>>

Segment 3:

Social justice demands our opposition to its celebration and symbols

The Christian cause of this month should be opposing Pride Month and its flag in as public and strident a way as many have opposed racism and its symbols. Let us have many blog posts and tweets on the topic. And may we even have pointed op-eds and major articles slamming Pride by those Christians privileged enough to have access to the pages of The Atlantic and The New York Times. Social justice surely demands it. And I, for one, am looking forward to reading them all.



Religious Liberty Is Good for Everyone for Many Reasons

Often, the term religious liberty is cynically thrown around in cultural discourse by those critical of the legal or social arguments for religious liberty. Religious people are accused of being ignorant or selfish, of only caring about their own rights, or of “clinging to their guns and religion.” At the same time, some Christians wrongly talk about religious liberty as if it’s only for Christians, or as if religion should be kept personal, private, and out of the public square.



Most People Don’t Agree With Trans Ideology

Most Americans do understand the categories of biological sex and feel uncomfortable foisting harmful ideology on children.


Segment 4:

Drug Addiction and Harm Reduction

This normalizes injecting deadly life-changing drugs

“avoid using alone” 🤔

“Start w small doses” 👀

“Using safely” 😳

This is twisted


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