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Roberto Rivera

In their nativity narratives, Matthew and Luke recount four angelic visits: to Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist; to Mary; to Joseph; and to the shepherds outside of Bethlehem.

In each visitation, the angels say, “Fear not!”

It’s a message that would not only help these mere mortals overcome the shock of coming face to face with an angel, but also prepare them for the surprising work of God to bring salvation to the world.

Today, many of us may need to hear the same Christmas message: Fear not!

Maybe your world seems to be spinning out of control. Maybe you face serious health or financial challenges in the days ahead. Maybe you dread the 2020 political environment. We must not fear. Why? Because the child whose birth we celebrate today is Immanuel, “God with Us.”

And if God is with us, who can be against us? If God took on flesh and secured our futures, why should fear paralyze us? From all of us at the Colson Center, have a merry Christmas.


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