The Point

Mom Isn’t Dad


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

For years, a British woman lived as a man, undergoing surgery and ingesting male hormones. After deciding she wanted to get pregnant, she stopped the hormones and was inseminated. Then after giving birth, she demanded to be listed as “father” on the birth certificate.

But, a UK Court said no, affirming biological reality, the child’s interests, and common sense. “A person whose egg is inseminated in their womb and becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child is that child’s ‘mother,’” wrote the judges, before concluding “Every child … should be able to discover who their mother was.”

So much of the transgender movement isn’t about “live and let live,” but about conforming society to a tragic denial of biological reality.  That’s something we must not do, out of love of God and neighbor. We must stand for truth while and loving those caught in lies. How to do that is the theme of our upcoming free virtual event: “Truth. Love. Together.”


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