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  colson2Here at BreakPoint, summer usually means one thing. No, I don’t mean it’s time to go to the beach. I mean it’s time for us to start talking about books for summer reading and sharing our recommendations. After all, what better companion could you have at the beach than a good book? Joking aside, we know that this is the time of year when kids, and we adults as well, often have a little extra free time and are in the market for something good to read. That’s why you can find a selection of some of our favorite books now up on our website, complete with links that you can use to order them. No matter what you prefer, from light reading to heavy, from devotionals to poetry to social science to mysteries, we’ve got something for you and your family.   A couple of my own selections will give you some idea of what we’re recommending. One book I’ve recommended many times is Rodney Stark’s The Victory of Reason. In this important book, Stark shows conclusively how Western ideas on democracy, equality, and freedom are based on Christian ideals. Stark turns everything you hear today about the roots of Western culture on its head. Next time someone tells you that Christianity is all about imposing restraints on other people, or that Christianity and science don’t mix, you can use what you learn from The Victory of Reason to demonstrate that the very freedoms we enjoy today and modern science as we know it would have been impossible without Christianity.   And then, for you literature lovers, there’s my absolute favorite novel, Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov. Don’t be deterred by its length or its depth. Just think of it as the perfect antidote to all the media’s attempts to shorten your attention span and keep your thinking as shallow as possible. Because this book won’t allow you to do that. It asks the hard questions about life and faith, and it won’t let you get away with easy answers. It’s a great example of how wrestling with great literature can strengthen your faith and your thinking.   A new book I have read and loved is Time Peace, by my long time friend and colleague, Ellen Vaughn. Don’t miss it.   But my selections aren’t all we have. Our team of bloggers at The Point, BreakPoint’s weblog, have been posting about their favorite books for a couple of weeks now, and from those conversations we’ve compiled a list of books that really has something for everyone.   Eleven different bloggers contributed more than sixty books to this list. Some are centuries old; others were just published in the past couple of years. There’s even a book or two in there by yours truly. And we’re not even finished yet: Our bloggers will be reading and discussing books from this list all summer long, so keep stopping by The Point to learn more.   Reading together is one of the healthiest things for a family and these suggestions are designed to make it easier for you to do just that. So make sure to take a look at our website as well as our blog to get some great reading ideas.   It’s a summer treat you and your family will always remember.      
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Check out the 2007 Summer Reading List from Chuck Colson and The Point bloggers.    
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