The Point

The Moral Conundrums of Covid-19


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Perhaps an unexpected consequence of COVID-19 has been the new national and personal conversations about morality. What’s the right thing to do to keep each other safe? How do we prioritize economic concerns when lives are at stake? Are elderly lives as valuable as younger ones?

Since everyone is looking for wisdom, the Church has an opportunity to explain to our neighbors that we think about these things all the time. We might even have a few answers. Yes, elderly lives are worth just as much as any other, and we can tell you why.

Another opportunity here is to point out all the moral policing. For a “you do you” culture, there sure is a lot of people telling others how to live… something fundamentalist Christians get accused of all the time. It’s almost as if morality is hard-baked into the world, and times like these reveal it.

“Thinking and talking worldviewishly” is having a moment. Don’t miss it.


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